UNTWISE Positive Feedback

Dedication to the field of vocational rehabilitation, the desire to empower individuals with disabilities and creativity is what gives us the ability to connect with our audience.  We are extremely excited to share what people are saying about us.


Vocational Strategies for Specific Disabilities: Traumatic Brain Injury

"I enjoyed the whole training and cannot think of one thing in particular that was any better than the other."

"I'm glad that you included the part(s) on listing the information in smaller and more narrative form rather than large and extensive paragraphs to read. The pictures and diagrams were also very helpful and educational!"

Building Employer Relationships

"This was my favorite training that I have recently been a part of because I found it most relevant to the struggles I have as a Supported Employment Specialist. I picked up good tips about doing less cold calls and more scheduled meetings, presenting things in language that makes sense to businesses, collaborating with other agencies to meet business’s needs, and assembling a database."

Informed Choice: It’s A Matter of Ethics

"I'm glad that using real world examples were included.  Such cases can be difficult to figure out and it's good to go back to the ethical guidelines for assistance."

"I found all of the material relevant to the work I do, and I found the case studies very helpful. Thank you!"

Ethics:  How to use a Decision Making Model for Ethical Dilemmas

"I am glad you covered all parts you covered. As Program Manager of the Supported Employment Department at the agency I work, I certainly learned a lot about how to handle and answer ethical questions that arise on the job."

To Disclose or Not to Disclose

"I really enjoyed getting other participants' input on some of the scenarios - this was most beneficial to me."

"The information and examples of actual situations made it more applicable to us and how to work with those around us."

Discovery, Themes and Successful Job Development

"I feel inspired to approach my job more creatively as a result of these webinars."

"This was by far the best webinar with much needed information and great ideas!"