On-line Applications and Job Screening – Tips for Employment Specialists

On-line applications and screening tools present new challenges for both the job seeker, the Human Resource professional and the Employment Specialist assisting in the process.  Sometimes the perfect candidate can be screened out of the interview process when, in fact, they may have been qualified for the position.  For instance, qualified job seeker may not be able to access a kiosk or spend 45-60 minutes on the electronic application.  Or, they submit and never hear back from the employer.  These frustrating problems may stop the job seeker in their tracks and prevents the hiring manager from ever seeing the qualified candidate. This webinar will reveal how on-line applications are used by the employer and reveal tips that to assist an Employment Specialist to support the consumer through this process.  

Upon completion of this webinar, participants will be able to

  1. Identify the basic ground rules for on-line applications and why employers use them.
  2. Prepare the job seeker to navigate an on-line application so it is successfully completed.
  3. Supplementing the on-line application to increase the chances of a job interview.

Presenter: Mack Eisenberg 

Recorded on 8/4/16. If you do not see the video below, you can view in YouTube: On-line Applications.   Transcript available.


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