On Demand

The training events listed below are recordings of webinars we have hosted within the last 12 months. These training events are available for continuing education, CRC and LPC credit. In order for UNTWISE to provide verification of completion for "On Demand" events, you must complete a short assessment and submit payment. Please select the training that interests you and follow the prompts to receive credit.
On Demand End Date Title Contact Hours Ethics
01/10/2019 Being Proactive with Business Partners 1 No
01/18/2019 Updates to Social Security Benefits and Work Incentives 2018 1.5 No
01/31/2019 Individual Employment Goals: Ethical Considerations of Vocational Rehabilitation 1 Yes
02/01/2019 Confidentiality, Boundaries, and Social Media 1.5 No
02/07/2019 Wellness as an Essential Aspect of Service Delivery for Human Services Professionals 1 Yes
03/26/2019 Assistive Technology (AT): Making a wise fit in integrated competitive employment 1.0 No
03/19/2019 Ethical Issues in Rehabilitation Counseling 3.0 Yes
04/03/2019 Social Skills in the Workplace 1.0 No
04/06/2019 Employer Attitudes toward Individuals with Disabilities 1 No
05/29/2019 Medicaid and Employment Services in Texas 1 No
06/05/2019 Disclosing Disability: When, If, and How 1.5 No
07/20/2018 Tackling the Social Security Benefits Barrier: What Every Employment Specialist Needs to Know 3 No
08/11/2018 Ethics: Enhancing the Consumer Image 2 Yes
10/19/2018 Effective Compensatory Strategies in the Workplace 3 No
11/08/2018 Effective Resume Building for limited Work History 1.5 No
11/18/2018 Lions and Tigers and Bears: Barriers to Employment for Persons with Disabilities 1.5 No
11/06/2018 Professional Development: Quality Outcomes and Best Practices 2 Yes
12/06/2018 Nurturing Business Relationships 1 No