Criteria for Continuing Education Courses

To satisfy the 30 hours of required continuing education, contact hours must be completed within your credentialing period and the courses must meet the following standards:

  1. While fifteen (15) contact hours must come from UNTWISE, additional contact hours may come from any organization or educational institution. While continuing education programs do not have to be pre-approved, click here for a list of trainings that have been pre-approved. Please note: continuing education courses completed through UNTWISE may only be counted once during a credential period unless the content has substantially changed.
  2. Trainings must be no less than one clock hour in duration and must be relevant to your level of credentialing.
  3. The coursework is designed to increase the participant’s knowledge or skill regarding the practice of employment services and/or persons with disabilities as described in the Focus Areas below:
    • Job Coaching
    • Job Placement
    • Job Development and Marketing
    • Natural and Ongoing Supports in the Workplace and Community
    • Supported Employment
    • Employment Planning
    • Delivering Services
    • Ethics and Advocacy
    • Aspects of Disabilities
    • Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
  4. The purpose of the program is clearly defined in terms of its objectives or expected outcomes.
  5. The continuing education course is led by a qualified instructor with documented education and expertise to teach the subject matter. Documentation is dependent on the subject matter and could include:
    • Certification in Rehabilitation, related field, or in the specific subject area.
    • Documentation of previous presentations on the subject.
    • Published articles and/or books in the subject area.
    • Recognition as an expert in the subject by state or national organization.
    • Expertise in the subject area through license, education or experience.
    • Master’s level education or higher in the related subject matter field.
    • License or certification in the related subject area by a state or national organization.