Blind Premium Endorsement

Blind Premium Endorsement

A service provider with a Blind Premium Endorsement, may help identify, address, and remove barriers related to the customer's visual impairment which could include developing compensatory strategies, skills training, setting up accommodations, and more. (Effective Nov. 1, 2022)

The Blind Premium is paid when provider staff meet the criteria under TX-VR Standards for Providers Chapter 20, section 20.11 Blind Premium Service Description. 

Individuals who successfully complete the Blind Premium endorsement will be able to demonstrate foundational knowledge about:

Completion of the Blind Endorsement demonstrates the individual has the foundational knowledge about blindness, low vision and other significant visual impairments. The endorsement also will focus on how to remove employment barriers through use of interventions such as compensatory strategies, skills training and establishing accommodations.

Prerequisites for the course include successfully completing all of the following:

  1. Job Skills Training Credential;
  2. Job Placement Credential;
  3. NRTC Improving Business Development Skills: A Training for Rehabilitation Professionals. Minimum requirement for this course: complete 5 modules and obtain 11 out of the total 17.25 CEUs;
  4. NRTC Working with Employers: What Is Important and What Successful Agencies Do (1 hour.) 

After payment for the UNT WISE Blind Premium Endorsement course is made, both NRTC certificates of completion must be uploaded to the Blind Premium Endorsement course portal, before access to the rest of the course can be gained.

This course is self-paced and hosted completely online in the Canvas learning system. NRTC Pre-requisites must be met and a score of 75% or higher on the UNT WISE Blind Premium final exam must be achieved to receive the endorsement.

Blind Premium Endorsement renewal information will be forthcoming.