Era Shyle

Program Project Coordinator

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Era is currently the Lead Admin Supervisor for UNT WISE, overseeing administrative operations with a wealth of diverse experience spanning various sectors.

Prior to her current role, she spent one year as a Program Project Specialist for UNT WISE, where she honed her project management and coordination skills. Before that, she dedicated two years as the ENGAGE Administrative Coordinator, followed by three years as the Senior Administrative Specialist for UNT WISE, demonstrating her commitment and proficiency in administrative roles within the educational sphere.

Her professional journey commenced with a decade-long tenure in the Albanian Armed Forces, where she distinguishably served her country. During this period, she fulfilled diverse roles as a training instructor, finance specialist, and logistics specialist while pursuing her Bachelor's in Business Administration, a testament to her unwavering commitment to service and education.

Upon retiring as a captain, Era embarked on a new career phase, relocating to Texas in March 2015. Here, she seamlessly transitioned from her military service to the healthcare industry, where she excelled in managing accounts for a Healthcare Services Group at a rehabilitation facility in Denton, Texas. This transition marked a pivotal moment in her career trajectory, showcasing her remarkable adaptability and versatility in navigating different professional domains.

Beyond her career, Era finds immense joy in exploration and family. As an avid traveler, she eagerly embraces the opportunity to immerse herself in diverse cultures. When not traversing the globe, she cherishes moments with her loved ones and indulges in the enriching world of literature, reflecting her multifaceted interests and passions outside of work.