Rescheduling, Cancellation, and Substitutions

Prior to the start of training, or within the first three days from the start date of a training, you may request a full refund, attendee substitution, or transfer to a different session of the same training at no charge. After that date, no transfers, substitutions, or refunds will be issued.

An exception to this policy may be granted in the event of the occurrence of a catastrophic event, medical event, or UNTWISE administrative error which significantly impaired the individual’s ability to complete the training consistent with policy. An exception may take the form of a training extension, or a transfer to another instance of the same class, whichever is deemed most appropriate by UNTWISE staff. A $20 transfer fee may be charged. A written request for an exception with supporting documentation must be submitted to the director before the last day of training to be considered. If the event prevented the participant from requesting the extension before the last day of training, requests will be accepted up to 30 days after the last day of the training in question. The decision to grant an exception is made based upon the submitted documentation and is final- no appeals will be accepted.

Requirements for Completion

Participants must complete trainings within the advertised time frame for the training event. Requirements for successful completion will be outlined at the beginning of the training, and it is the responsibility of the participant to read and understand those requirements.

If a training course is not completed to the requirements as outlined at the beginning of the training, a failing grade will be issued. The participant will not receive any credit and must pay the full cost of the training if they wish to retake it.

Should a participant choose to retake the course, no prior work will be accepted. You will not be permitted to resubmit older work.

All work submitted must be original and completed by the participant. Violation of this rule is grounds for an immediate failing grade at minimum, and assessment of possible further penalties as determined by UNTWISE staff.

Late Registration

Registrations must be submitted more than one week prior to the start date of the training.

An exception to this policy may be granted in the event of the occurrence of a catastrophic event, medical event, or UNTWISE administrative or technical error that prevented a person from registering on time. Documentation of the event must be sent to UNTWISE along with a full explanation, which will be reviewed by the Director. Business needs are not catastrophic events.

If an exemption is granted and a late registration is accepted, there will be no training extensions. The participant will receive no additional time to complete assignments, and the class will end at the same time as other participants. This means any late registrant will have less time to complete the course.

Credential Renewal: Director

The Director credential is renewed by successful completion of the Director renewal course before your Director credential expiration date.  When you have successfully completed the Director renewal course, the renewal certificate will be uploaded to your user portal. If you do not complete the Director renewal course prior to your expiration date, the credential will expire.  There is no grace period for Director renewal.

Credential Renewal: Employment Services

In order to maintain your provider employment services credential for basic and advanced employment services including your eligibility to provide employment services to TWC-VRS consumers, you must complete a minimum of 30 hours of continuing education every three years. Six (6) hours of the 30 hours must be in Ethics. Fifteen (15) of the 30 hours must be taken from UNTWISE. Please note: Continuing education courses completed through UNTWISE may only be counted once during a credential period unless the content has substantially changed. Half of the hours received by earning a new credential or new endorsement during the renewal period may be counted toward the employment services credential renewal.

The expiration date is based on the date of your highest basic employment services credential.  For example, if you hold a credential for Job Skill Trainer/Job Coach, Job Placement, and Supported Employment, the expiration date would be based on the date of the Job Placement Credential.  

When in doubt of your credential expiration date, check your user portal.

For more information please visit this page: Credential Renewal

Credential Renewal Submission

Contact hours should be submitted during the last quarter of your credentialing period. Participants must submit renewal information no later than 8 weeks before the expiration date to ensure adequate time for processing.

For more information please visit this page: Credential Renewal Submission 

Pay your credential renewal fee online here

Disability Accommodation

UNTWISE is committed to full training program access for all participants, including those with disabilities.  Reasonable accommodation and appropriate adjustments will be made to all training programs provided by UNTWISE in order to facilitate equality of training access for persons with disabilities.  No one will be excluded from any training program based on a disability. Anyone who wishes to request a reasonable accommodation due to a disability should follow this procedure:

The participant must request an accommodation in writing and include the following information:

1.    Participant name, address, phone number, e-mail address.
2.    Training program
3.    Description of disability(ies)
4.    Accommodations requested

Proof of disability must be submitted with the request for accommodation. Proof of disability will be in the form of medical records for a physical disability (last three years), psychological records for psychiatric disabilities (last five years) and psychoeducational records for learning disabilities (last five years). Accommodation requests and proof of disability will be reviewed by UNTWISE. UNTWISE will respond to the participant in writing with information on the approved accommodations or the need for additional information.

Endorsement Renewal

An endorsement is renewed by successful completion of the specific endorsement renewal course before your endorsement expiration date, and, if applicable, possessing specific credentials required for the endorsement.  When you have successfully completed the Endorsement renewal course and, if applicable, the required credentials are confirmed, the renewal certificate will be uploaded to your user portal. If you do not complete the specific endorsement renewal course prior to your expiration date or  you do not currently hold the required credentials, the endorsement will expire.  There is no grace period for endorsement renewal.

Expedited Verification

Online courses are eligible for the expedited verification process. An expedited process will allow participants to receive verification of completion of credential prior to the scheduled end of the course. The expedited verification process is as follows:

  1. Participant completes all required coursework.
  2. Participant requests an expedited process by emailing the lead instructor.
  3. Submits a payment of $50 to cover the costs of the expedited process.
  4. Lead Instructor grades all coursework within 24-48 hours.
  5. Participant will submit a payment of $50 to cover the costs of the expedited process.
  6. Participant will take the final exam and if a score of 75% or better is achieved, the credential will be issued within 24 hours.

All credentials are listed on the UNT WISE User Portal page. Please contact UNT WISE at (940) 565-4000 for more information or click here to pay the expedited verification fee.

Feedback and Complaint/Appeals Policy

Feedback Policy

For individuals who have feedback regarding a course they have taken through UNT WISE, we strongly encourage you to complete the in-course Qualtrics survey, which is anonymous and only received by the Director of UNT WISE.

To provide Feedback regarding all other UNT WISE business, you may complete our customer survey form. Please include your name and contact information if you would like a response.

Please email or call the main line for UNT WISE for any general questions or concerns: 940-565-4000. If your questions or concerns are unable to be resolved by following the above steps, please contact the Director of UNT WISE at: lucy.gafford@unt.edu or 940-891-6769.

Complaint/Appeals Policy

For administrative or technical complaints, please contact our front desk at 940-565-4000 or complete our customer survey form.  If the issue is not resolved, please contact the Administrative Coordinator, Natalie Eblen at: natalie.eblen@unt.edu or 940-565-4000.

For individuals who are taking a non-facilitated (self-paced) UNT WISE course, please contact our front desk at 940-565-4000 or complete our customer survey form

For individuals who are taking a facilitated UNT WISE course, please ensure that you have:

  • First attempted to resolve any issues with the instructor.
  • Should the complaint not be resolved at the instructor level, you may contact the Director of UNT WISE at: lucy.gafford@unt.edu or 940-891-6769
  • If the Director is unable to resolve the complaint or appeal, it will move into the Complaint/Appeals process as described below.

Complain/Appeals Committee process:

  • A person should file their complaint as soon as possible, but within 28 days of the alleged event. Should a person be appealing a course grade, the student should file within 14 calendars days after the end of the course. Only final course grades can be appealed. Individual assignment grades will not be reviewed, except as part of the complaint/appeals process related to a deficient final grade.
  • Students should attempt to resolve issues with the instructor first, then the Director. When complaints/appeals are unable to be resolved at a lower level, a complaint/appeals committee will be assigned. Under extraordinary circumstances, the Director may grant an extension of any time limits identified in this policy.
  • Complaint/Appeals form should be completed and submitted to the Director as soon as possible to begin the formation of the committee review process.
  • The Director will assign the Complaint/Appeals Committee members within 5 days of receipt of the Complaint/Appeals Form. The committee will be comprised of 3 members: one to represent the complainant, one to represent the subject of the complaint or UNT WISE, and one member designated as the Chair of the committee.
  • The committee gathers relevant information to the complaint/appeal, reviews all information and provides a final recommendation to the Director within 14 days of receiving the Complaint/Appeals form.

The Director shares the recommendation with all parties and ensures recommendations are followed.


A government purchase order or credit card authorization must be received 14 days prior to start date. If you have any problems when trying to pay for the event, contact UNTWISE at (940) 565-4000 for further assistance. Registration is not complete until full payment is received.  Participants will be enrolled in the training, subject to availability, when full payment is received.  Credential and Endorsement courses are eligible for the expedited verification process. For more information, see the Expedited Verification Process section on this page.

Name Change Fee

A name change fee of $75 will be charged to update the participant's name within the UNTWISE system.  This fee covers updating the username, the user portal information, ACRE website, Canvas and reissuing credential/endorsement document.  If the participant requests updates to any VOC, an additional fee of $10 per training course VOC will be required. Pay Name Change Fee.  Pay VOC Reprint Fee.

On Demand

On Demand programs may be viewed at no cost.  Programs will be available for contact hours if the participant pays applicable fees and completes an assessment over the content.  On Demand programs are available for contact hours 12 months after the program's original airing. Participant must complete the assessments to gain contact hours before the program expires.  No refunds are available for On Demand programs.


Registration for online events closes a week prior to the start date of each course. After registering for a course, you will receive an e-mail message with instructions on how to access the  Canvas website 3-5 days before the course begins. If you require accommodation, please email your request to untwise@unt.edu. Please include your name and registration date in the email.

Registration for summer programs must be received six weeks or stated deadline prior to the event.  Payment must be received in full for registration is complete.  Once an applicant has been accepted for the summer program, no refunds will be issued. If the sponsoring organization wishes to substitute a participant, application process must be completed prior to be beginning of the event to ensure time to fully accommodate participants.

Release of Information

Verification forms will be uploaded to the participant's user portal at the conclusion of each course. If you would like to request a verification of completion for a past event, please email your request to untwise@unt.edu and a verification form will be sent. Due to the University privacy policy, we are unable to release scores or information to anyone other than the person who completed the course.