Program Pre-Approval for Continuing Education Providers

Providers or sponsors of workshops, seminars, and other continuing education activities can obtain UNTWISE pre-approval for training programs. Pre-approval for training is obtained by submitting appropriate documentation to verify that the training program meets the Program Criteria.


Provider applications for pre-approval of a continuing education workshop, seminar or alternate training should expect at least 60-days for review and approval. This will allow for any additional information that may need to be collected as well as provide feedback to the applicant if there are areas that need to be addressed before they can be approved. UNTWISE will notify you electronically upon approval or disapproval within 60-days of application.

Pre-Approved Continuing Education Provider Application

All application materials should be submitted in writing and include supporting documentation. The following information will be required for submission:

  1. Contact Information
    • Sponsoring Agency or Course Provider
    • Contact person
    • Email address
    • Phone number
  2. Continuing Education Training Information
    • Course Name
    • Date of Course
    • Location of Training
    • Course Overview (500 words)
    • Course Objectives
    • Instructor and Qualifications (full resume)
    • Agenda
    • Amount of Contact Hours Requested (length of course time). One clock hour is equivalent to 60 minutes of instruction or participation. Clock hour credit is not given for social hours, coffee breaks, or meals during which instruction is not provided.
    • Indicate if the training is open for public registration or closed for a specific audience.

Please note that if the program is approved, the following information will be posted on the UNTWISE web site for public view.

  • Course provider or sponsoring agency
  • Course title
  • Course instructor
  • Dates
  • Number of contact hours approved
  • Location
  • If available for public registration, a link to the registration site or contact information if provided.

Required Documentation for Approved CE Providers

The approved sponsor or provider shall provide each participant with written documentation of attendance, which includes the participant's name, the number of approved continuing education hours, the title and date(s) of the program, UNTWISE approval code for the specific course and the signature of the provider.

Approved providers of continuing education must maintain records of all continuing education activities for a period of three (3) years including names of all presenters, complete course descriptions and objectives, teaching methods, employee attendance sheets for each course, sample certificates of attendance, and evaluation documents from each participant for the specific experience.

Failure to comply with record keeping requirements or failure to comply with requirements of instructor or course qualifications may result in termination of status or denial of renewal status.

Providers are subject to audit of all continuing education records. Upon receipt of written notice of audit, the provider will submit all requested records of continuing education to the board within ten working days. Failure to provide documentation as requested or submission of fraudulent documents will result in termination of approval status.

Based on a finding of non-compliance with this criteria UNT WISE, may inform the provider of any corrective action needed, may terminate current approval, or may deny future applications.

NOTE: UNT WISE reserves the right to request additional information to determine compliance with the documentation requirements outlined above for pre-approval of continuing education.

To seek approval for your training, contact UNT WISE at or 940-565-4000.