The UNT WISE STEM! Summer Programs provide opportunities for young adults with disabilities, ages 14-22, to gain experience and insight in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Several programs are offered throughout the summer, with each focusing on different interests and activities. These multi-day and non-residential programs allow students to gain new and exciting skills, and learn about their practical application.

In order to apply for this program, participants will need to contact their Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Counselor through Texas Workforce Solutions (TWS). The VR Counselor is the point of contact in order to apply for the program. If you do not have a VR Counselor please contact the nearest Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS) office near you by referring to the VR Office Lookup.

Applications will begin being accepted in March 2022

Virtual Explore STEM! Summer Program*

Students will need an interest in basic programming and working with computer hardware. The ability to understand basic concepts and follow instructions is needed. The camp will be designed for students with little to no previous exposure to computer engineering and lessons start with basic concepts. 

Students will participate in synchronous lecture-based introductions to topics which will include demonstrations and videos via a video-conferencing platform.  They will hear from guest speakers who work in the STEM fields. The students will also have the opportunity to further their learning via asynchronous (self-paced) videos and supplemental material via the on-line learning platform, Canvas. Upon completion of this program each student will create their own Google AIY device. Hands-on activities will be provided (via mail) to help students practice each step they learn within a concept.  

This virtual program will feature the following STEM subjects:

Computer Science Artificial Intelligence
Computer & Electrical Engineering Soldering
3D Printing Internet of Things (IOT)                 

Students will participate in the following virtual hands-on activities:

Circuit Design: 
Students will design simple circuits on Breadboard and will learn how to use the tools like a multimeter to debug and test circuits

Google AIY Voice Kit Set Up: 
Students will be introduced to the Google AIY Voice and they will perform hands-on exercises to get a better understanding of the voice kit

IoT Device Programming: 
Students will use the Internet of Things (IoT) device and program the IoT device to do simple tasks such as turning on and off LEDs

IoT Device Integration: 
Students will integrate the IoT device with Google AIY voice kit to turn on or off, change colors, and control brightness of a LED

Students will learn about soldering from observing videos

3D Printing: 
Student will complete 3D modeling with Sketch-up and print enclosures for the Google AIY device


WHEN: TBD (Check back for updates)
LOCATION: UNT Campus (Denton, TX)
Fee: TWS-VR Sponsorship



STEM Maker Summer Camp*

This multi-day, non-residential, summer program will feature the following STEM subjects:
Force & Motion Robotics
Circuits & Electricity Software Programming
Engineering Woodworking & Tool Use
Design Process 3D Printing
Computer Aided Design Soldering

Students will participate in the following hands-on activities:

Students will start by using snap circuits to learn the basics of electricity and current. They will also learn how to build different circuits, from a beginner level series circuit to a more advanced level parallel circuit. They will use this information to build a circuit with switches and sensors. Students will learn the basics of electronics. They will learn about common components in electronics, circuits used in electronics, and then solder their own printed circuit boards. Raytheon staff will discuss the complex nature of mechanical and electrical engineering.

Software Engineer:
Students will discover different ways in which programmers code for robots with a variety of our robotics kits. They will explore different career fields where these skills are used in current and future jobs.  Siemens and Sci-Tech will teach the students how to use design in different CAD software, which can later be printed with one of our 3D printers or our laser cutter. Microsoft and CodeStream partners will share activities showing how software engineering can tie into a variety of careers and Siemens staff will teach Solid Edge CAD Software.

Woodworking and Workshop Skills:
Carpenter Students will learn basic shop safety and are run through skill assessments for basic hand tools. These include hammers, hand saws, and electric drills. They will use real tools to cut, shape and form wood. After learning how to safely use the hand tools, the students will design their own builds for items that make life easier in some way. A guest speaker from Hilti Corp will discuss the construction industry and the various employment opportunities.

Automotive Design:
Students will learn the importance of aerodynamics and having balanced chassis and axles by designing and constructing their own Co2 powered cars. Students will start their design on a foam replica, test their builds, and then construct their final build using wood. They will be able to race their cars against other students. 

Civil and Mechanical Engineer:
Students will learn what forces play a role in the designs of bridges, homes and other commonplace structures. They will work in teams to build the strongest bridge they can using K’NEX kits. Each team will have their bridge tested to see which bridge can hold the most weight before breaking. Students will learn about how engineering technicians assist in building structures that can withstand the extreme weather associated with tornadoes. They will design and build houses that will be tested in our tornado simulator. A BGE engineer will join us to talk about civil engineering and construction.


WHEN: TBD (Check back for updates)
LOCATION: Sci-Tech Discovery Center - Frisco, TX [8004 Dallas Pkwy, Frisco, TX 75034] 
FEE: TWS-VR Sponsorship