Transition Summits

UNT WISE hosts Transition Summits at various times and locations throughout the year. Each summit generally includes multiple breakout sessions designed to explore careers, post-secondary options and the skills necessary to be successful as students transition from one stage to another.

Breakout topics might include:

  • Exploring Careers: Participants will learn how to use their interests and abilities to identify future careers. Career categories will be discussed, as well as strategies to learn more about careers of interest. The importance of gaining work experience and work based learning will be emphasized.
  • Is College for me?: For some, attending institutions of higher education is a top priority. During this session, participants will be introduced to the variety of post-secondary institutions (trade, 2 or 4 year colleges, etc.) available to them upon graduation. Additionally, participants will be provided valuable resources to assist in the identification of individual learning styles, which is key to success in higher education. Group discussions regarding the differences between high school and college, including expectations of higher education faculty, will be provided.
  • Disclosure and Self-Advocacy: To advocate for oneself, a person needs to understand their disability and what assistance they need to accomplish identified tasks. This session will help the participant understand different types of disclosure, as well determining what to disclose. Participants will have an opportunity to practice disclosure skills through role play exercises.
  • Job Readiness…am I ready?: Determining if you are “ready” to go to work, especially if you have not had a job, can be challenging and a bit scary. This session will focus on preparing for employment, regarding interviewing, employer expectations, and work rules. Mock interviews will provide the participants an opportunity to practice their skills and receive immediate feedback.
  • Skills for the World of Work: Both soft skills and independent living skills are the key to employment success. Participants will be able to identify essential skills needed to be successful in any workplace or home environment. Exercises will be provided to engage participants in demonstrating appropriate work and independent living behaviors.

If you would like to co-host a Transition Summit at your high school, college, or university, please contact us at