Virtual Transition Program FLYER (English)

Virtual Transition Program FLYER (Spanish)

How to Apply to UNT WISE Summer Transition Programs

The UNT WISE Virtual Transition Program assists young adults with disabilities, ages 14-22, to develop vocational skills, independent living skills, and social & recreation skills through an intensive virtual training program. The Virtual Transition Program is a six (6) week program for participants interested in vocational planning and/or post-secondary education for their future. This program opens the door to the realities of the adult world of work and living. 

The training is comprised of six (6) modules to be completed over a six (6) week course. The course is outlined where students complete one (1) module per week. Each module will include a number of lessons and activities which will be self-paced or synchronized.  Self-paced activities allow the students to work through the material at their own pace; they can utilize instructor office hours to ask questions or schedule one-on-one assistance as needed. Synchronized activities require the student to log into the online classroom at a specific time in order to participate. The virtual training will include the following focus areas:

Focus Areas:

  • Career Exploration
    • Vocational Evaluations
    • Creative Careers
  • Transition & Post-Secondary Counseling
    • Career Pathways
    • Certification Programs
    • Future Planning - Degree Plans
    • Exploration of Majors and Occupations
    • Types of Financial Aid
    • College Life & Student Organizations
    • Email, Communication & Syllabus
    • Study Skills & Time Management
  • Work-Based Learning
    • Virtual Workplace Observation Tours
    • Virtual Technology Exhibition
  • Independent Living
    • Physical and Oral Hygiene, etc.
    • Transportation Training - Public Transportation
    • Healthy Eating
    • Food & Kitchen Safety
    • Cooking 101
    • Physical Fitness Lab
    • Laundry & Cleaning
    • Verbal, Aural, Non-Verbal, Written, and Visual Communication
    • Teamwork on the Job
  • Job Readiness
    • I Want a Job Because...
    • Looking for Employment
    • Transferable Skills
    • Social Networking
    • Types of Applications
    • Resume Building
    • Creating an Elevator Speech
    • Interviewing Skills and Practice
  • Disability & Self-Advocacy
    • Disability Disclosure
    • Self-Advocacy
  • Social & Recreational Interests
    • Appropriate Social Boundaries
    • Social Recreation Activities
    • Sports Exploration
    • Art Exploration
  • Person Centered Plans


In order to apply for this program, participants will need to contact their Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Counselor through Texas Workforce Solutions (TWS). The VR Counselor is the point of contact in order to apply for the program. If you/your student does not have a VR Counselor they are currently working with please contact your nearest TWS-VR office by entering your zip code, VR Office Locator. Our programs are funded by TWS-VR, so the earlier you/your student can get connected the better. You can also complete the online VR Self-Referral by clicking on the following link: VR Self-Referral.