Employment Services Credential Renewal Application

The Employment Services Credential Renewal Application and contact hours documentation should be submitted during the last quarter of your credentialing period. You can locate your credential expiration date on your UNTWISE user-portal. Participants are encouraged to submit their renewal application and the required documentation at least 6-8 weeks before the expiration date to ensure the renewal is processed before your expiration date.

Applications received after the expiration date will be charged a higher renewal fee. Credential renewal applications will not be accepted for processing beyond 90 days after the credential expiration date.

Application Submission Process:

  1. Complete and save the Training Documentation for Employment Services Credential Renewal Form (click here or on link below, download file, complete and save to your computer)
  2. Consolidate your verification of training completion documentation into one file:
    • ​For courses/trainings completed from UNTWISE or preapproved by UNTWISE, it is not necessary to submit proof of completion of the course. 
    • For any course/training not completed or preapproved by UNTWISE, proof of completion must be submitted in form of a copy of a certificate or training document that includes:
      1. ​​An outline or agenda for the course/training
      2. Credentials of person conducting the training
      3. Date of the training
      4. Number of continuing education units earned or length of the training course
  3. Submit Processing fee (please see scale below)
  4. Complete and submit the Application for Employment Services Credential Renewal webform by entering the appropriate information, uploading your completed Training Documentation for Employment Services Credential Renewal Form from Step 1, and uploading your training verification documentation from Step 2.

Review Process:

If the applications meets all the renewal criteria, the renewal certificate will be uploaded to your user portal.

If the application does not meet the renewal criteria, you will receive an email stating the deficiencies with a request to provide additional information or documentation. If the deficiencies are not resolved prior to your expiration date, the credential will expire.

Processing Fees: