Texas Workforce Commission-Vocational Rehabilitation (TWC-VR) Credentials & Endorsements

The Texas Workforce Commission-Vocational Rehabilitation (TWC-VR) has partnered with the University of North Texas (UNT) to develop a training, credentialing, and endorsement program for providers. The credentialing and endorsement program ensures service providers for TWC-VR are fully equipped to provide the highest quality services to Texans with disabilities who need support obtaining and maintaining competitive integrated employment.  


A credential is proof that an individual has completed assignments, and a required competency test that demonstrates the individual has base-line knowledge and/or skills related to the subject matter. To maintain TWC-VR credentials, either renewal courses or continuing education units are required every 3 years to support the ongoing professional development and expansion of new knowledge or skills for the credentialed individual. For additional information on the credential renewal requirements and process, go to Credential & Endorsement Renewal Requirements.

Below is a description of current available credentials:

Director Credential

For most services included in the TWC-VR Standards, the provider must have at least one individual who obtains and maintains the Director Credential. The purpose of the Director Credential is to ensure a person in the contractor’s leadership is educated in Vocational Rehabilitation Best Practices, TWC-VR business practices, service delivery requirements, obtaining and maintaining a contract, provider marketing with VR, ethics and other relevant topics.

For additional information on the Director Credential, click here.

Employment Service Credentials:

Job Skills Training Credential:

This credential is the first and most basic in the employment service credential series. It is required for anyone who will be providing work experience training or job skills training to TWC-VR customers, and is the prerequisite for all other employment service credentials.

For additional information on the Job Skills Training Credential, click here.

Job Placement Credential:

This is the second credential in the series and is required for anyone wanting to provide job placement services to TWC-VR customers. It is also a prerequisite to complete the Supported Employment and/or Work Readiness Credentials. Individuals must have successfully obtained the Job Skills Training Credential as a prerequisite for the course.   

For additional information on the Job Placement Credential, click here.

Supported Employment Credential:

This is considered an advanced course for individuals who have experience providing employment services and working with individuals with the most significant disabilities. Supported Employment enables customers with the most significant disabilities to obtain and maintain competitive integrated employment. Individuals must have successfully obtained the Job Skills Training and Job Placement Credential as prerequisites for the course.

For additional information on the Supported Employment Credential, click here.

Work Readiness Credential:

This is considered an advanced course currently geared for Vocational Readiness. The Work Readiness Credential will train an individual in skills necessary to address disability issues, interpersonal skills, daily living skills, and vocational impediments that interfere with a TWC-VR customer obtaining and maintaining employment. The course reviews and teaches the skills necessary to implement prescribed curriculums and how to develop curriculums that cover the required content as described in the VR-Standards for Providers. Individuals must have successfully obtained the Job Skills Training and Job Placement Credentials, and have completed at least 60 college credit hours as a prerequisite for this course.

For additional information on the Work Readiness Credential, click here.


By obtaining an endorsement, an individual is identified as having the knowledge and skills related to a specific subject area, such as a disability group or common employment barrier. Contractors that have staff with endorsements may be provided the opportunity to earn additional monies when their skills are necessary to support a customer in achieving an employment outcome.

Autism Endorsement:

Completion of the Autism Endorsement demonstrates an individual has the foundational knowledge about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), behavior concepts, social skills strategies and best practices for working with individuals with Autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Individuals must have successfully obtained the Job Skills Training and Job Placement Credential as prerequisites for the course, and must complete the Relias Academy Autism specialization course OR hold a BCaBA, BCBA, or BCBA-D.       

For additional information on the Autism Endorsement.


Blind Premium Endorsement:

A service provider with a Blind Premium Endorsement, may help identify, address, and remove barriers related to the customer's visual impairment which could include developing compensatory strategies, skills training, setting up accommodations,  and more. (Effective Nov. 1, 2022)

For additional information on the Blind Premium Endorsement.


Additional Endorsements will be added as they become available.