Credential and Endorsement Renewal Requirements

Announcement: UNT WISE has begun the process of migrating from Catalog, our current enrollment service, to a new service called CampusCE. Over the next few weeks, you should receive communications from UNT WISE with instructions on how to create an account, how to enroll in upcoming courses, and how to access your courses. Thank you for your patience in this time of transition. 


There are specific requirements to renew credentials and endorsements. Information related to each credential and endorsement renewal is listed below. Renewal is required prior to the expiration date listed in your UNT WISE user portal. There will be several expiration dates listed on your user portal:

  • One for the Director Credential
  • One for all Employment Services Credentials (Job Skills Training, Job Placement, Supported Employment and Work Readiness)
  • One for each Endorsement

Director Credential Renewal

In order to maintain your Director Credential, you must complete the Director Renewal course prior to your expiration date.  There is no grace period for an expired Director credential. The renewal course is an online, self-paced format. Click here to enroll in the renewal course.

No renewal application is required for renewing the Director Credential, but the renewal course must be taken prior to the expiration date.

* The Director course and Director Renewal Course do not count towards the employment service credential renewal

Employment Services Credential Renewal

In order to maintain your Employment Services Credentials and your eligibility to provide employment services to TWC-VR customers, you must complete continuing education requirements every three years. Review the Criteria & FAQ’s for Continuing Education Courses to ensure your courses and contact hours will qualify. Here are the basics:

Job Skills Training Credential (only) 

  • Five (5) Continuing Education Units
    • One (1) hour of the five must be Ethics
    • Three (3) of the five must be taken through UNT WISE

Job Skills Training + Job Placement, Supported Employment, and/or Work Readiness Credentials

  • 30 Continuing Education Units
    • Six (6) of the 30 hours must be in Ethics.
    • Fifteen (15) of the 30 hours must be taken from UNTWISE. 
  • Please Note:
    • Half of the hours received by earning a new credential or new endorsement during the renewal period may be counted toward the employment services credential renewal
    • Each continuing education course can only be taken one time during the 3 year credential period.

It is your responsibility to comply with the requirements for continuing education.


Employment Services Renewal Application:

A renewal application, required documentation, and application fee should be submitted 8 weeks prior to the expiration date to ensure that your renewal is processed before your credential expires. The expiration date is based on the end of the calendar quarter date of your Job Skills Training or Job Placement Credential. Please check your UNT WISE user portal for expiration dates, and contact UNT WISE for any other questions.

Go to the Credential Renewal Application for additional information.

Visit the On-Demand and Live Webinar Calendars to register for UNT WISE Continuing Education Courses.

Example for calculating your expiration date:

If you hold the credential for Job Skills Training, Job Placement and Supported Employment, you will use the completion date for the Job Placement Credential to determine the expiration date to use when submitting continuing education contact hours. If you completed your Job Placement Credential in July of 2017, your expiration date would be September 30, 2020.


Endorsement Renewal

In order to maintain your Endorsement, you must complete renewal requirements for each individual Endorsement. If the endorsement that you hold requires a concurrent specific employment service credential, the renewal will only be processed if the employment service credential is also current. There is no grace period for an expired endorsement. Please note the following regarding specific endorsement renewals:

Autism Endorsement 

  • Retake the Autism Endorsement course prior to expiration
  • You do NOT need to retake the Relias courses
  • A renewal application is NOT required


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