Disability Accommodation

UNT WISE is committed to full training program access for all participants, including those with disabilities.  Reasonable accommodation and appropriate adjustments will be made to all training programs provided by UNT WISE in order to facilitate equity for persons with disabilities.  No one will be excluded from any training program based on a disability. Anyone who wishes to request a reasonable accommodation due to a disability should follow this procedure:


The participant requests an accommodation in writing at untwise@unt.edu and includes the following information:

1.    Participant name, credential ID (if applicable), phone number, and e-mail address.

2.    Training program

3.    Description of disability(ies)

4.    Accommodations requested

Supporting documentation may be requested by UNT WISE staff and could include a request for formal records.  Accommodation requests and supporting documentation will be reviewed by UNT WISE staff.


UNT WISE will respond to the participant in writing with information on the approved accommodations or the need for additional information.